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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Here is a fun article showing FPU vs No-FPU on the Vampire.

The 68060 FPU is anywhere from 20x-40x+ faster than the Vampire with SoftFPU calculations.
As someone who has ordered a V500 only to do 3D, no FPU in the Vampire is a real bummer. It will still be a kick-ass upgrade on my 020 though, and loads cheaper than a 20y.o. 060 card.

Still, them Blizzard 2060's though...

To comment on-topic: I'm in the same boat as Sinphaltimus - paid but still waiting. It's a little frustrating now seeing it available elsewhere sooner, but no biggie, I'll still be chuffed to receive my card, still think it's an ace project (but would be WAY better with an FPU - hint, hint ).
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