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Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Some of the C64 releases are expensive when compared to the prices you paid years ago, but these are limited runs without a big spending company/publisher behind them, but you are supporting the authors and getting some really professionally packaged games

If you don't want the fancy packaging though, quite a few are available for Digital Download from for a few quid!

So far I've bought Disk versions of:

Barnsley Badger - Classic Wallet
Darkness - Ultimate Edition
Gravitrix - Premium+
Hessian - Ultimate Edition
Knight 'n' Grail - Ultimate Edition
Maze of the Mummy - Premium+
My Life - Classic Wallet

So that lot's just over £150 as I wanted a collectible item, end of the day you either pay or walk away!
You're kind of proving my point

If there are games worth buying, people will buy, and there are plenty of willing buyers should there be the packaging to go with the price.

I've already started work on my own small map editor, I'm determined once Starquake is out the way to do something and put my money where my mouth is
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