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Originally Posted by NeoHippie2016 View Post
@DamienD: On real Amiga the Workbench freezes and you must reboot when you want to Start the game. But the Intro in both LHAs, that you uploaded, work. Hhm, or you install the game with Psygore's WHDL install and install the Intro from your lha. Sorry for my english. My config: Amiga 1200, OS 3.9 with Boing Bag 2, Kickstart Version 45.57, Workbench Version 45.5, Blizzard PPC 603e 166 Mhz /68040 25 Mhz, 128 MB,Mediator TX 1200, Radeon Graphics Card, Soundblaster,... I forgot something? ;-)
Oh man, damn you OS 3.5 / 3.9 users...

Not sure what to say or suggest as I don't use the above 2 x OS's (and never will)...

Of course I've tested thoroughly on a "Classic WB 3.1 Lite" + "Standard WB 3.0" .HDF

Can you give more details; just freezes and you cannot do anything afterwards? This is when not running the intro but playing the game? Any error messages?
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