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Well, sure the LCD technology has more ghosting effect than a CRT. But the CRT has a big flickering problem especialy when used in 50Hz. So, I prefer by far having a good LCD than a good CRT. I own a lacie blue electron, wich is a reference model in the CRT range, but I simply can't accept anymore a 50Hz refresh rate. My eyes are no more young. And there are acceptable LCD. For exemple, I personnaly use a Eizo EV2450. It's pretty expensive, but I really don't notice any ghosting on it. But I understand your statement.

@ sinphaltimus :
"does the pre-boot screen work via HDMI also?"
Yes, the early startup menu is displayed via the HDMI. In fact, all the chipset video is redirected.

"in other words, is the HDMI out active for everything from the moment the Amiga is powered on?"
Yes, absolutely.
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