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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I'm not suggesting a conversion of that game, but a game in that style that technically is easily achievable, relatively simple to code, and a tried and tested formula of game
Good choice! I can only emphasise the importance of starting small. You can concentrate on making every part of the game perfect, and you don't risk to lose motivation in one of those mega projects.

1). 1 disk game

2). A500 1meg minimum spec
Perfect target platform!

3). Dizzy flick screen style game
A real Amiga game should usually offer hardware scrolling, but this special type of game might justify your choice.

4). 32 or 64 EHB graphics
Should be no problem without scrolling.

5). Music and SFX at the same time, so all mods must be 3 channel except music playing outside of the main game.
You already used my ptplayer in Time Stood Still, which can also insert SFX with all four channels busy. Although completely uninterrupted music with one channel less may sound better. I would let the musician make that decision.

I'm getting a little sick of seeing the C64 getting release after release, and the Amiga gets some scraps every now and again.
Indeed. I'm excited that experienced coders like you finally start making games as well!

I have a game in the pipeline myself, but I can offer you support with my Protracker-player, trackdisk-routines, and whatever you need to know from my past projects.
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