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Start off small: Releasing a commercial Amiga title under Psytronik

Right before anyone gets ahead of themselves, no, I haven't secured a deal to release an Amiga game under the Psytronik label.

However, they are happy to publish Amiga titles, but currently don't have any.

They offer digital download, physical release, and a super deluxe type of physical release for the purists.

Now I understand that trying to get something off the ground is tricky, but i'm of the mind that if we were to start off small, the want to do something bigger and better would surely follow.

I had a great response to calls for music and graphics when I did Where Time Stood Still and Starquake (still happening folks).

I had more music than I could possibly want, and when it came to graphics, plenty of willing volunteers with the skills to match the musicians.

So i've looked at Psytroniks output, and Barnsley Badger caught my eye.

I'm not suggesting a conversion of that game, but a game in that style that technically is easily achievable, relatively simple to code, and a tried and tested formula of game (Dizzy, Impossamole, Rick Dangerous minus the unfair traps) that is generally still liked, and more than anything, is achievable.

My thoughts are thus:

1). 1 disk game
2). A500 1meg minimum spec
3). Dizzy flick screen style game
4). 32 or 64 EHB graphics
5). Music and SFX at the same time, so all mods must be 3 channel except music playing outside of the main game.
6). minimum 100 screens of gameplay

Thoughts please ladies and gentlemen.

I'm getting a little sick of seeing the C64 getting release after release, and the Amiga gets some scraps every now and again.

There is so much talent on this forum, it STUNS me that better use hasn't been made of it.

And no references to Thimbleweed Park thanks, lets keep the discussions to something that IS easily achievable and less adventurous in the time stakes.
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