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Originally Posted by esc View Post
Very nice! I wish we could have some sort of plug and play workbench pack for this, like classicwb with dualpng icons
Thanks, I actually put together a huge collection of freely available Amiga RTG software just for fun . Sadly I doubt it will ever be released. The main problems:

Freely available is not the same as freely distributable, so releasing it would probably upset a few people.
It is very large and my internet connection is not very fast.
Keeping it fully up to date is quite time consuming and parts of it are a bit outdated at the moment.

Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Thanks James!

A lot of new ideas for fresh looking icons. Great! This set gets a good place in my collection.
Wow! Thanks for the kind words, I'm just building on the great work by more talented people like Ken and Mason.

A small update:

Click image for larger version

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