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video recording within winuae has stopped working for me a long time ago.
back in 2014 i was able to record within winuae but if i try that since 2016,
cpu load goes beyound measurable and everything hangs.
maybe my "new" (= used) geforce gtx 660ti graphics is the problem i assume.
as recording in winuae is not the only problem. new card also messed up audio!
since new geforce the only audio output is possible through hdmi on monitor.
all other audio outputs and inputs are gone! no speakers, no mic-in, no line-in.
everything is gone, also stereomix is gone! i really hate nvidia for doing that!!!

i miss the good old times with old graphics card when everything was working!
three years ago i had a geforce 275gtx which unfortunately went down to hell.
as replacement i got geforce gtx 660ti in late 2015 which started all this mess.
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