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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Sinphaltimus: the config file you attached above has this line:
gvp_rom_file=..\..\..\..\LRivera\Documents\Amiga\CF _card and OS setup Utils\gvpscsi_315_dual-ROM\gvpscsi16e_padded.bin

For real hardware, that file is only of use along with the matching gvpscsi16o_padded.bin, with a GVP Series I SCSI controller, not your Series II. [Series I boards have two ROM sockets, but Series II boards only have one.]

The matching dual ROMs might work (when combined) in WinUAE, but they wouldn't on real Series II hardware.

Download the gvpscsi 4.15 ROM image from Ralph Babel's web site (gvpscsi4.hex.bz2) and use that in WinUAE instead (though you'll need to convert it to raw/binary first).

Oh geeze, where the heck did I get that from? I dunno. I hae the one from Ralph's sire somewhere. i burned it to an eprom for my real controller when the original went bad. so sorry. I misunderstood. OK, I will redownload the correct one.
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