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I don't think this is a bug. I think I'm doing something wrong. I tested in 3.4.10b1 and in 3.4 stable, same thing happens.

In expansions I have GVP Impact Series II selected pointing to the ROM file I used to flash my real GVP controller. I removed my SCSI2SD adaptor from my working amiga and connected to PC. Run WINUAE as administrator and can select the real SCSI IDs from the sd card without issue. In the add HDD dialog I select GVP Impact Series II. When I start winuae i get a crash with dump msg. Attached are the dumps and my configuration file..

How should I be doing this? Am I making the correct selections?

I want to mount my real Amiga HDD so I can take a backup of all the files on it. Transferring HDF over Serial via AExplorer is way too slow. figured I'd boot off it with a PC folder mounted as HDD and just copy everything over with DOpus.

EDIT - This became less critical. I was able to boot another configuration and add my real SCSI drive as an additional HDD. So I'm accomplishing my goal of getting a real backup of all the data from my Real HDDs. Would be nice to figure out how to boot off them but not critical.
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