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[AmigaCD] Turbo Racer 3D - .LHA (for real Amiga users)

Heya guys,

...wasn't really going to bother posting this but then, hey why not?

NeoHippie2016 PM'd me with a request to take a look at "Turbo Racer 3D [AmigaCD]".

Apparently it's a bit of a nightmare to install / get working on a real Amiga...

...he wasn't wrong; took me a while to work out exactly what was needed in order to get a working "registered" 1.50 version; even from the [AmigaCD]

Anyway, all done now:

I even modified the startup CLI / Shell window to print the required password:

As per usual, extract to anywhere on your hard drive and play

The game isn't that great and requires a 68030 CPU but anyway...

You can find the .LHA file on the EAB File Server under the directory "~Uploads/DamienD/LHAs"
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