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Interesting, this version works on Amithlon (VICEplus) while two different versions of VICE would freeze my system. Works with AHI 6.x too. I was giving up on C64 emulation on Amithlon after trying MagiC64 and VICE with both failing.

Originally Posted by emufan View Post
try VicePlus from aminet.
vice 2.4 just freezes here. VicePlus does work (RTG screen, picasso96) - just problems with AHI audio,
maybe i dont have correct version.

#1) install AHI 4.18 - before i had installed 6.x, which didnt work.
now there is sound with AHI 4.18.

#2) and give some feedback how it works on your vampire. make a vid or at least a screenshot,
it does show cpu usage and fps on viceplus window bar
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