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Sorry Toni I'm back home now ...

- Last WinUAE Works well "Winuae_3400b20"

- First version with a problem "Winuae_3410b1"

WinUAE 3.5.0 FPU "None" Perfect graphics
WinUAE 3.5.0 FPU "Enabled" (CPU Internal) graphic problem

WinUAE 3.4.0/060 JIT FPU "Enabled" (CPU Internal) Perfect graphics

- PC-Task Version 4.40 (System tested OS3.9 standard, OS3.9 RTG)
- Game TombRaider MS-DOS/Win95 version

Attach log and config WinUAE 3.4.0 OS3.9/040 FPU "Enabled" (no problem)
Attach log and config WinUAE 3.5.1 OS3.9/040 FPU "Enabled" (problem)

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