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Question Amiga and Attract-Mode: (Video)Snaps for TOSEC?

Hello to you all,

I'm new to this forum. You can read more about me on the introduction board.

As mentioned there, I want to include the Amiga in my emulation setup controlled by the frontend Attract-Mode ( For that, I need either still snapshots or, preferably, video snapshots for many Amiga games. Wheel art would also be welcome.

I found collections of video snaps and wheel art for the commercial frontend Hyperspin, but their filenames follow the Hyperspin naming convention which isn't compatible with TOSEC naming, for example.

Do you have any advice how I should proceed? Are there any snap/video/wheel collections for TOSEC or, vice versa, Hyperspin-compatible named Amiga software archives? A TOSEC/Hyperspin names converter would be ideal, but I doubt that one exists.

I really want to avoid tedious manual renaming.

I'm using Linux (Kubuntu 14.04), so any renaming tools for Windows would have to run in WINE to be of use to me. On the other hand, Linux scripts would be very welcome.

Grateful for any help
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