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Thanks Toni, now it works.

I have the impression it does not work as expeced in GUI-debugger? (Only in console debugger)

If I do
Shift F12 ; Enter (GUI) debugger
w 1 0 1 R ; Memwatchpoint Read Byte from addr $00000000
f 100 ; add a dummy brakpoint to start history collection
g ; attempt to contininue emulation

It immidetaly stops again as if a breakoint or watchpoint had been reached.
g ; immidetly stop again
g ; immidetly stop again
g ; immidetly stop again

When I switch do console debugger it works
xx ; switch to console
g ; emulation runs until I start my bad program and the memwatch point is reached
HH ; show history, nice!

Is there still a bug or do I something wrong?
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