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Originally Posted by MikeyG View Post

I normally use FS-UAE emulator to run WHDload games as it has some nice integration where I can just double click on a config and it will run the whdload game straight away.

I wish to try out some filtering settings that are available in WinUAE but wondering if there is the function in WinUAE to make a config that just runs the WHDload game zip file or mount the directory as a hard drive and boot straight into the WHDload game. I know about ClassicWB setup to run WHDLoad games there but I would like a config that just loads a game and therefore having a config for each whdload game.
I use the WHDLoad that's part of the ClassicWB setups, although there is a complicated step concerning the Kickstarts that are needed by many WHDLoad games. Obviously, the creator of ClassicWB cannot include them as they are copyrighted and commercial, but if you've bought Amiga Forever from Cloanto, you can simply take the required Kickstarts from there, rename them according to what WHDLoad requires and put them in the required folder. More info here:

Amiga Forever also includes the official Workbench install ADFs that are needed for ClassicWB to be set up.

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