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Masoboshi IDE and SCSI configs, 20MB HDF:
To change MasterCard-specific options... Since SCSI writing doesn't work yet, boot with the HDF connected to IDE and make changes. Then try booting with it connected to SCSI. [I'm assuming MasterInstall does actually set the relevant bits in the RDB even if they don't apply to IDE drives.]

Run MasterInstall. Click Spezial. You can select Asynchron, Disconnect/Relselect.
Click MasterCard. There you can select MasterCard-specific options:
- "Schnelle ubertragung" (fast transfers?)
- Parity Bit
- Schreibschutz (write-protection)
- RDB-Schutz (write-protection of the RDB area)
- Write Cache

Note: you have to re-set the manual geometry every time you change HDF, since WinUAE helpfully "forgets" it every time... C/H/S 320/4/32.
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