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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
But still you all are requesting this or that in every thread
My issues are:
* pointless compatibility problems should be avoided, not embraced
* compatibility with existing operating systems and software should have much higher priority than utopian visions about making Amiga... eh, no... m68k great again!!11 (that one goes to Matthey too btw)
* the War on FPU and anyone who may have need for FPU, should stop. Notice how _every_ posting regarding software not working is left uncommented, or even removed, from
* The apparently existing fully working and functional 68882 softcore _should_ be made available, for two reasons - firstly, there are Vampire owners who have use for it. Secondly, it would be waste to not make it available.
* marketing should be a lot clearer about what one get - especially now with retailers shipping it.
* name calling and behaviour:
- Just because people don't agree with your CPU design choices does not justify calling them "idiots".
- Just because people find the AMMX a wasted effort does not justify calling them "idiots".
- Just because people question how the Apollo Core is superior to ARM does not make them "idiots".
- When your only argument against ARM is "it sucks!!", it does not make the Apollo Core superior.
- Letting over-enthusiastic groupies state just about _anything_, no matter how over the top bat shit crazy, rant about how insanely awesome the Apollo Core is and how awesome the future will be, while at the same time engage in name calling and mud slinging contests when skilled people (not me) who do disagree with decisions dare to speak up.
- I could go on here, but what would be the point...

kollar even accusing me to do a shitstorm what is funny
You are participating, are you not?

I must think of "if you sit in glass house you should not throw with stones" there.
I do NOT deny that this is a shitstorm, nor do I deny taking part in it, there is no glass house here, it's a swamp with a lot of mud.

I think the basic problem with you and gunnar and some time ago thor and gunnar are different goals of the project and people are not really caring what the other side thinks.

Thor talked against the project how it is done because he thought it should best integrate in existing amiga hardware universe but that is not the goal, it is defining a new compatible but different platform replacing many existing extensions. Thor did not understand this so there were long partly emotional debates. You I think have the idea of a general purpose 68k core but Gunnar wants a new amiga 68k platform mainly so he does not care which requirements might be f.e. in embedded market. Am I right?
Yes, you are. THoR talked against it not just because of how it should best integrate in the amiga hardware universe, but also much more importantly, how it should best integrate with the existing software library - compatibility with existing software, compatibility with existing developers tools, compatibility with existing central operating system components.

Speaking of THoR - the above 8000 000B - which really should be an FPU related error, came after ViNCEd crashed. I have never seen ViNCEd crash before, and I have never seen something mess up a "guru" visually like that before.

As I see it, Gunnar does not really even care about Amiga, his love is for 68k and he wants to push the 68k architecture to wherever his whim brings it. What OS it ends running, or what community he ends up with doesn't really matter, what matters for him is that he can have a following who takes part in his quest for what he sees as the ultimate 68k design. Software exists merely to showcase the superiority of his design, any software that does't is pointless. He knows the Amiga community, he knows its mix of "desperate" and "gullible", and he knows he can play this.

His main argument when discussing with people is "you are an idiot"
His main argument when discussing hardware and software "not created here", is "it sucks!"
His main argument when getting technical is "I used to work for IBM designing PowerPC - so STFU!"

Understanding the other and accepting different goals and priorities would help certainly
Yes - and I wish AmigaKit etc. good luck in explaining all this to their customers.

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