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did not know regarding Aros so I take it back there

my critisizm regarding how you tried to "convince" gunnar stays. You have nothing to offer to him except some vague promises what you "might" do. Very propable basic decisions were done long time ago, they are now finishing their vision step by step. It might be that your vision would have been different but he (and a small group of people) are doing the work, not you, not me, not kollar. There is even a open source core like TG68 out there, so everybody with enough skills can do something. I could not and as far as I understand it neither you nor kollar. But still you all are requesting this or that in every thread, kollar even accusing me to do a shitstorm what is funny, I must think of "if you sit in glass house you should not throw with stones" there. I think the basic problem with you and gunnar and some time ago thor and gunnar are different goals of the project and people are not really caring what the other side thinks.

Thor talked against the project how it is done because he thought it should best integrate in existing amiga hardware universe but that is not the goal, it is defining a new compatible but different platform replacing many existing extensions. Thor did not understand this so there were long partly emotional debates. You I think have the idea of a general purpose 68k core but Gunnar wants a new amiga 68k platform mainly so he does not care which requirements might be f.e. in embedded market. Am I right?

Understanding the other and accepting different goals and priorities would help certainly
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