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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The 68k and AmigaOS are running out of opportunities. I see the 68k and Amiga potential still and talent in the existing community but it is beyond me to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I'm not sure if current attempts are even serious.
You guys really, really don't know when to just leave things be.

I think there's plenty of opportunity to do stuff, but the more sour this community turns the less people want to do stuff for it, the more disgruntled hardware devs quitting you will see.
This kind of ranting discussions are what every time I am thinking about updates for my Amiga software, make me wonder "is it even worth it to release for this kind of scene anymore?". And I just make one niche program with a friend, can't imagine how people doing things that are more popular, like a Vampire, AROS, or whatever, must feel with all this. If I was any of them I'd quit for much less bother.

Maybe the thing is that actually nobody should put "Humpty Dumpty" back together.
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