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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
arrogant and unproductive.
and from the other side likely the community sometimes makes impression of arrogant and unproductive. see tonis comment above. especially except of the usual lack of expertise in the discussions there is also no general consensus.

If InnovASIC had partnered, we might already have been able to afford an ASIC although a few more investors would have reduced the outlays and risk. Gunnar failed to assess his resources and continued to hyper optimize his CPU design and ISA for an FPGA. He became as much of a loose end as the lack of an Amiga OS which was ready for a product.
so you dragged a deal along. but maybe he wasnt ready? maybe he thinks its too early to set things in stone and maybe he is right? beyond that the os isnt ready either, so there wouldnt be any complete product, such as could be delivered to general public. this is a construction site, lets face it.

The 68k and AmigaOS are running out of opportunities. I see the 68k and Amiga potential still and talent in the existing community but it is beyond me to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. I'm not sure if current attempts are even serious.
i can very well understand this feeling. but shepperding this herd is simply impossible.

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