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Originally Posted by Forsaken View Post
This is a friendly forum, thank you.
...yeah it is a very friendly forum if you ignore the recent crap that goes in in hardware related threads between real Amiga users and arguments about what direction "Amiga" should take, blah, blah, blah

Originally Posted by Forsaken View Post
An update, I have tried Alien Breed Special Edition which did not work and also Street Fighter 2. Forgot some others that did not work. I have just tried Dizzy Collection and the gamepad works.
Anyway, moving on... Wow, that is strange...

As long as your USB joystick is properly installed in Windows and WinUAE can see it (which it is from your screenshots), then you shouldn't have issues.

I'm trying to think what else to suggest. Use a Quickstart A500 or A1200 config with these games you're testing but then only change "Port 1 = Windows Mouse" & "Port 2 = USB Joystick".

If that still fails then it's time to attach logs for Toni to analyse i.e. "Paths" then tick "Enable full logging" before starting emulation, wait until you are playing the game and are pressing the joystick without response, then upload both .TXT files from your WinUAE directory to a new post
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