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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Gunnar van Boehn of Apollo Team commented: "Lets work together to bring 68K and AMIGA back!”
this is usual marketing template as used by amigakit usually. it always sounds the same, no matter who is quoted. it doesnt mean anything so far other than they have an agreement to sell the bundle of the core and the accelerator. matt, really, you fall for this?

Gunnar's idea of working together is him making the decisions by himself and everyone supporting him without question. Is this the position of A-Eon/AmigaKit or do they want to put a real development team together like the Amiga used to have?
i trust gunnar decisions much more than the combined autorities aeon might put together. gunnar has designed 68k highend fpga core. aeon simply let design few motherboards around standard components by a professional company for a premium price. i see investments capacities. im not sure i see competence. and i fear i see conflict of interests in consequence of already made investments.

I was referring to grond and wysiwyg (the user's first 17 posts were in this locked thread which makes it look like an account created for trolling). These two pro Apollo Core guys were far more insulting than anything said by kev or me even though kev could have remained cooler and more diplomatic. Feel free to review the thread and decide who should have received moderator attention for personal attacks and creating a trolling account.
ive been witness of this. nothing can match kevs spewing insults all around him in hardly comprehensive stream of consciousness kinda bursts. i really wondered if he is sane. grond can be offensive at times and wysiwyg joined in to comment on kev, obviously. still no comparison.

There is no alternative core project at this point. There is only a potential resource to help make a 68060 like core. It's very interesting and I'm still investigating.
sorry, but as i thought. hot air versus delivered work.

look. if someone delivers an alternative to apollo core it wont become standard. if not, it might, no matter what aeon or whoever else does. its simply a matter of social dynamics.

Perhaps the project includes AmigaOS 68k development and an iComp accelerator or Clone-A with FPGA Apollo Core CPU?
we will see. i dont go for assumptions.

I do like Gunnar but I recognize his flaws and when he sabotages his own project (Does a parent who lets their child do anything they want love their child the most?). We actually worked together very well until he decided to take a left turn with the project and head in another direction by himself.
i would be very much more suspicious if gunnar was really perfect!

I miss the Natami days when we had constructive forum discussions where Gunnar was not in complete control.
yet neither natami nor apollo core became what you wanted. what does that tell us?

Contacting the potential embedded/ASIC partner and mentioning investors and creating a business didn't get much enthusiasm, maybe because it threatened his control?
or maybe because it was too early and too unrealistic at that point? gunnar is still referring to asic as remote option. they would have to sell enough fpga bords though to cover the costs.

I have allowed some of my code to be included in AROS which is kind of odd for something I don't like. I support the concept of AROS but the implementation is a little harder to love, at least on the 68k. Give me the choice of AROS or a developed 68k AmigaOS and I will choose the latter every time but I don't think I'm alone.
i dont question your attitude towards aros. even though the copymem patches have been replaced lately by kalamatee with apparently more appropriate cpu specific asm inlines. it isnt in setpatch anymore. we had a massive speedup thank these and other late commits to amiga-m68k target.

as for implementation it is a matter of work and engagement. i let you wait till you are allowed to work on amigaos, while i can help with aros today.
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