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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
It was mainly 2 users in that thread who were the problems and acted like they wanted the thread closed so there would be no further discussions.
you are referring to kev who obviously went ballistic about just everything? i have an impression that this outbursts had to hide the actual lack of competence and arguments than other way around. around people who actually do real work none behaves like that. no matter if gunnars every design decision is right or wrong, if i was him i wouldnt tolerate guys like that rageing my forums or ircs.

what about that alternative core proposal? why not post a link to this if it is on internet anyway. is there a possibility to contribute to it? if this is a real thing, why keep it secret?

I want discussions and consensus. I wanted A-Eon to work with Gunnar as I thought it would force him to give up some control and listen to reason.
im not sure it would be a good thing. aeon has apparently no technical expertise themselves. the technical choices they made with every hardware they are proposing look at least suboptimal. as if they were made with some other audience in mind than amiga(ng) scene. wonder what they input might be. money?

I hope there is a tech savvy group or board from the newly formed (A-Eon/Hyperion/iComp/Apollo Team) alliance making the decisions. At least Jens Schönfeld should have some tech and marketing knowledge even if he supported MIPS over the 68k for the Clone-A at one point.
seriously? you propose hyperion as tech savy? after their track of record? you know, that there was contact between hyperion and apollo team and it failed, because they just wanted to cash up without delivering anything in return?

also, there were contacts between gunnar and jens on a1k. jens criticised the project in every aspect, spreeding assumptions that the core is not even 68k comptible, just emulating 68k and such. gunnar openly proposed cooperation. never come to that, which is not surprising, considering differences in conceptions and product offerings.

in conclusion, with your proposed alliance we would simply have more people to the table who want to have their peace of cake. it already starts to take course anyway, with resellers stepping in. i wonder what advantages will arise of it.
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