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Yeah, I'm pretty pissed off with the entire apollo core project, wish MikeJ could open up his core sooner rather than later for contributions, it's somewhat silly that there are multiple 68k open or to be opened softcores being developed in parallel.

And to answer my own question of what an ultimate Amiga would look like:
* FPGA based, maybe several for a more modular design
* multiple cores to pick from, providing as good as possible compatibility with existing CPU+FPU combinations, for example 68030+882, 040 or 060.
* OCS/ECS/AGA/AGA+/RTG options, who knows, SAGA may work here.
* Plenty of RAM, many configuration options
* Ethernet, with option of direct access using dedicated driver, or via emulating A2065, "legacy mode"
* SATA, with option of direct access using dedicated driver, or legacy mode via emulating WD33C93A.
* USB, with option of direct access using dedicated driver (and Poseidon), and/or via emulating keyboard, mouse, joysticks.
* serial interface, because it is always so damn useful for debugging and all
* zif connectors for A1200 and A600 keyboards
* pin header for A500 keyboard
* PS2 connector for external Amiga keyboards
* Legacy DB9 joystick ports, and why not 4 of them.
* stuff I may have forgotten.

Fire tests for me is that the system, through legacy options at least, should be able to run AMIX, as well as NetBSD and Linux.
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