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Originally Posted by kirk_m View Post
Personally, I think all the development of new Amigas is a wasted effort. I'd rather see Hyperion/A-Eon, et. al. just make some "new, old" boards instead of this X5000 stuff. They'd make a killing selling replacement A4000 boards alone.
Yes, but that's you. Again, in (y)our own bubble, you forget there's a bunch of users VERY interested in that type of hardware. You and I could think it's pointless shit. But they are there and those companies want to cater for them. Can you blame them? It's their choice. Does it cater to the larger amount of "Amiga" users? Debatable. But that doesn't matter.

It creates a problem when, as I said before, "Amiga" can mean at least 3 different things to different people. And that fragmentation of a supposedly common market is what creates these issues. And all this because they all share a name and a common past.
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