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I'm not offended, since it's not something I have myself or would consider buying, but I can't vouch for everyone

I don't really see the blurring as a problem. If it reminds people of their past and they're looking for a bit of nostalgia, they're hardly likely to plonk down that sort of money on an X5000. But they could well start looking into it and find themselves on eBay rebuying some hardware they had years ago, which is a good thing for classics. We're seeing a lot of new classic owners already. Anyway, I don't see it as being much different from "new world" versus "old world" when it comes to Macs - it doesn't take much looking to see that they're two very different systems, each with their own ecosystems and communities. Rightly or wrongly, and whether you like it or not, OS4 *is* the continuation of AmigaOS, and has its own little niche too. Rather than getting frustrated with it, just enjoy the classic machines for what they are, and all the exciting new developments that are coming along in that scene. The NG scene doesn't have to have any bearing on your hobby unless you want it to.
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