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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
It's all especially strange coming from Amiga users, given that they're a niche. I guess they feel the need to find a sub-niche to pick on so they can somehow at least feel superior to *someone*. It's all a bit sad really.
Nah, none of that coming from me, although my rant is undeserved, you are right. I take it back, didn't mean to offend anyone.
But I think it's always triggered by frustration of what it creates as an image and scene for those of us who stick to classic Amiga hardware.

My point is: these to me are two different platforms and keeping them together (by a name that copyright vultures go after, and we don't own) is not beneficial to either.
Vampire to me seems like a product stepping in-between these two platforms and as such is getting double the shit for no good reason.

We might be "all Amiga users" but we are not the same at all, actually, I'd say we're totally different.
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