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Aren't there enough X5000 / OS4 bashing threads already? If you don't like it, don't buy it. It's simple. The comparison with commodity x86 machines is silly and pointless, and has been done to death too. It's custom hardware and that comes at a price - there are countless other boards out there that are far more expensive than a PC that easily outclasses them too, for the very same reasons. It doesn't take much to turn the comparison around: the X5000 will absolutely run rings around a fully tricked out A4000 system that costs around the same. So why not complain about people spending big money on 25-year-old graphics card technology?

It's all especially strange coming from Amiga users, given that they're a niche. I guess they feel the need to find a sub-niche to pick on so they can somehow at least feel superior to *someone*. It's all a bit sad really.
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