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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Because other retro-computer communities are aware that they are retro-computer communities. Amigaland is ridden with people who think they can revive the Amiga as a commercial platform, attract hordes of programmers etc.
Agreed. That has only users to blame. The reticence to use another platform which pushed the Amiga in weird directions like going PPC/nextgen whatever, is to me the main reason why this notion still exists. And in the small PPC-microworld, it applies.

I just wish that there was a very marked separation between stuff like Amiga One X5000 (that triggers articles like this one), and the classic Amiga stuff. It's usually blurred like if they were one and the same thing.

Also fucking lol from that article:

You have to be real hardcore and masochist to buy this shit at that price, how much more real computer power and software support you can get if you go x86 at the same or even much lower price? Because it's 2017, does the hardware platform really matter that much anymore? we just need to have our applications running smoothly.
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