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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Really weird. Does it also happen if you remove all harddrives and boot some floppy based game or demo with music?

EDIT: I can duplicate it with Sound Studio. (but not with randomly chosen disk bootable demo)
I guess I found elements that cause the sound to crash. I tested programs from floppies (demos and games) and hard disk and came to the next conclusion:
(Previously described settings: winuae3.4.1b3 or later, A1200 non-expanded config + fpu 68881/2 turn on + audio filter set to "Emulated A500")
- in the LIBS directory: must be 68040.library (I had 37.30)
- I'm launching OctamedSoundStudio 1.03c (or other program using the FPU like Mand2000)
- after that I play the module in OctamedSoundStudio or in another program (I tested HippoPlayer and DeliTracker)
Now press F12, change sound settings (eg Stereo Separation) and return to emulation causes the sound to be out.

It seems to me that OctamedSoundStudio initiates something related to the FPU (which may be related to that when 68040.library does not exist then it is OK).

If after launching the system I will first run the music in HippoPlayer, DeliTracker etc ... then I can change the sound settings on the fly and it is OK. If you run Octamed (or Mand2000) earlier (as described above), then you still hear the voice, but the first change of sound settings cause it is missing (the only way to restart winuae)

(Sorry for my english, google-translate...)

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