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Originally Posted by Galder View Post
Does anyone remember how to save in this game? There is a disk on the table but when I click on it I can only see "load a game".
The manual that came with the CD32 version has mostly been written for the OCS/ECS and AGA disk versions, with just the odd reference here and there to the CD32 version. This is what it says about saving games:

"When you click on the disk, the game pauses. Now click on LOAD GAME or SAVE GAME. Make sure that you have a data disk available - never, never, never attempt to save to the program disk, because it will never work again! That's because when you save a game the entire contents of the disk are overwritten (Note: This means that only ONE game position can be saved per disk)."

If you're not getting a save option when you click on the disk button in the CD32 version, then perhaps Audiogenic stripped it from the AGA disk version (as Galahad said, due to insufficient space in NVRAM) when they "ported" it over to the CD32 for release. Either that or the save option only pops up if the game detects a disk drive attached to the CD32.

You could try hooking up a floppy drive to your CD32 with a formatted disk inserted and see what happens when you click on the disk in the game. I tried it quickly here on my A1200/030 using a CD32 emulator and from WB with degrading (no caches etc.), but the bugger didn't wannna play ball and I kept getting gurus.
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