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Hooooo Crash and "arabuusimiehet" error in AmiKit X (emulated AmigaOS3.9)

Hi English Amiga Board,
first time here (I have spent my time on AmiKit forums)

I figured I'd try my luck here (as well as on AmiKit forums) because I'm getting serious about using my emulated Amiga as a modern every-day computer.

But I'm totally stuck with my emulated Amiga, (AmiKit X on Windows 7)
it is crashing, refusing to boot, gives WinUAE errors and Guru Mediatation errors, even if I do a completely fresh new install.

I'm out of ideas and looking for Amiga (WinUAE/AmiKit) emulation experts
to guide me in the right direction

I get these errors when I boot my emulated "AmiKit X" Amiga:
("AmiKit X" = Emulated Amiga OS3.9 on Windows 7 PC)

(Screenshot) Red Guru Meditation error: 8000 0003 & 8100 0005:

(Screenshot) Arabuusimiehet.WinUAE error :
(The blue border window is a Windows 7 command promt window
with a blue AmigaOS4 skin, so it's a Windows7 error messsage)

ANY help is much much appreciated!!

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