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It would be nice to speed uaegx on os4.1, as at present other cards can not be supported except with a lot of work and time and maybe even with a support, amiga 3x is great in its limits for the time being.

There is no way to speed uaegfx with a 30% would be a good start for me, for daily use. SMTube Movie Browser, etc., maybe this would also lead to more development of sotware for everyday use. For 3d games you may still be waiting patiently,
But this is just my opinion.
I read that it could be done in later versions of winuae, it would be nice to try beta with uaegfx faster.

Thanks, however, I take the time to make an emulation closer to reality.
But would uaegfx speed increase?

I apologize to everyone for the double post I was wrong to edit

Thank you
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