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Originally Posted by michaljarz View Post
This is happening with a very specific configuration. I created a configuration based on "A1200 non-expanded", then I turned on FPU 68882, added a hard drive (directory), set the audio filter to "Emulated A500" and started emulation. Then I started Octamed Sound Studio (or ProTracker) and loaded the module. During playback when it comes to settings (F12) and changes in options such as "Stereo Separation" to some other value, then when the emulation returns the sound is missing. "Sound Emulation" is still referred to as "Enabled" (disabling and enabling nothing here, you have to restart WinUAE).

In conclusion, this happens only when I enable FPU (but plain, SoftLoad is OK) and change "AudioFilter" to "Emulated A500".
Really weird. Does it also happen if you remove all harddrives and boot some floppy based game or demo with music?

EDIT: I can duplicate it with Sound Studio. (but not with randomly chosen disk bootable demo)

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