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WinUAE and BoingBags 3 & 4

Recently I decided to install large hard drives. I am using OS 3.9 and WinUAE 3.4.0. I used PFSaio for the file system and I had read that I needed to install BoingBags 3 & 4 in order to be able to partition them properly. I did that and partitioned all of them very easily. Then, this morning, I decided to install software from ADF files. When I did that WinUAE crashed and created a .dmp file. I was mystified and checked my installation of WinUAE and my boot directory and my SD card. Then I noticed that on the cards and in the boot directories that the BoingBags had been inst stalled to were the ones that crashed when I tried to load an ADF file. So, I took a boot directory and SD card that they had not been installed to and installed BB #1 and loaded ADF files. No problem. I installed BB #2 and loaded ADF files. No problem. I installed BB #3 & 4 and tried to load ADF files and WinUAE crashed with a .dmp file. The solution was simple-after the drive is partitioned, format and re-install the OS. Does anyone know of an easier way?
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