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AHI audio outpout 4.1FE1 information

Hi Toni, sorry if the question can be out of place, but using with os4.1 fe1,
By testing I noticed that using MPlayer-GUI with Player No Altivec using 1.0 rc3 old version the audio is perfect in the videos.

Use these settings:

Ahidev (AHI audio outpout using high-level API (amigaOS)) <----- audio
Sdl (SDL YUV RGB / BGR render (SDL v.1.1.7 + only)) <----- video
Using MPEG Codec 3.1.1 NO Altivec

My question was this:

The audio is perfect very clean, obviously the video is out of sync and I'm aware of it.
Did I want to know if it could be improved at emulation level or used to emulate winuae?

Or I just have to make a small signal to the emotion player, maybe to implement it in Emotion Player to improve emulation sound as the videos are really fluid but have little problems with audio every now and then.

Sorry for the stupid question,
Thanks again for beta10 and your work.
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