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Once I have uploaded (should be next 2 weeks), I've ordered a PMCIA card reader for the a1200 as well as a gotek drive. I think I will update and play a bit more with my old amiga 1200 (I have actually 2 of them).

I found the only thing that died on the a1200 was the fast ram dimm. Once I removed that stability was ok again.

The extra 2 tracks just need an artist to go over them and improve the data. You can basically create new tracks in the game as I have the editor I wrote also.

Anyway, 2.57 is free to anyone who would like to code in blitz. (I would love to be able to code this a little more on a higher res lol).

On my facebook site at the bottom of the pictures you will find pics of track 4 and 5 if you wanted to see them. Also, a screenshot of my little look and feel test of making it 3d.
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