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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
However, Cybervision 64/3D should be supported because it is one of the best Amiga RTG Boards.
Easy for you to say that but what / how are you actually contributing to this request that is so important to you?!? You have no idea how difficult this possibly is. Toni tried to explain but it seems it fell on deaf ears...

On my own personal level, there has been many a thing that I would love either fixed in WinUAE or ported to the Amiga

Regarding both of the above, I don't have the skills (like yourself) to make things happen sadly..., all I can do to encourage effort is donate to these guys in order to give some kind of incentive.

WinUAE is a free emulator and Toni works 24 / 7 improving, fixing, supporting it. Whenever something I've requested gets fixed I donate, it's that simple.

With Amiga ports; "Karateka" and "Arctic Moves", I donated €200 for each game to meynaf. This is peanuts considering the time he spend trying to achieve these requests...

Anyway, my point is, if you really want Toni to take on the laborious task of implementing something sooooo difficult / boring then put your money where your mouth is and hopefully he can make it happen.
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