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NewTek Demo Reel 2 (and other rare stuff)

Somebody had suggested this forum would be a good place to upload this bit of missing Amiga history and I really wasn't sure the best sub to post this in.

What I have is a dump of the demo station that used to live in Tim Jenisons TV Museum at Newtek. (At least when it was in Topeka, I have no idea if he ever rebuilt the place when the company moved to Texas.)

It was an Amiga 2500 with about 9 megs of memory and it would start up with all the demos set up one could run though all the various release and unreleased demos.

So this zip file has all the various system files as it stood for that demo station.

This was copied around 1996ish and it included the Maxine Headroom demo.

(I would attach using the forum but it said I was missing a security token)

I also have other weird ephemera from Newtek including Topeka Doom where Doom was re-skinned to be the Newtek office building used for lan parties.
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