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Amiga 500 screen resolution


25 years later, I just fired up again my Amiga 500, and I have a question regarding screen resolution / workbench package:

My Amiga 500 (rev 6a) had the 512k slow trapdoor RAM, 1.3 rom, ECS agnus, and OCS denise.
I have purchased an ACA500plus, an ACA1221EC accelerator, and an Indivision ECS VGA card to connect to my Samsung 24" LCD monitor.

All good, was able to install MagicWB 3.1 ADVSP on a 16GB CF card (after reading tons of pages on the net, very hard to keep track), without installing any other packages. The OS runs fine.

But under screen resolution, I can only chose PAL High Res or PAL super High Res, and the NTSC equivalent (I have a PAL monitor).
So I chose the PAL High Res version at 16 colors, since the super high res only supports 4.

1. Is this the best resolution my Indivision ECS can give me, on my current hardware?

2. If I can get better resolution (while still being usable/fast), what are my options?

3. If I procure myself a Super Denise ECS chip, would it help my cause at all?

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