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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Anyway, you still didn't say why S3 based display cards are needed? They have usual low VRAM limit, "low" resolutions -> not very useful as RTG boards. Only useful feature is to be able to run some programs (is there even any?) that directly access the hardware.

because in WinUAE there are many RTG Board from Picasso II to Piccasso IV and many others well known on Amiga Universe.
CyberVision64/Cybvervision64 3D are also well known, so it will be nice to have full supporto to Virge for some software/games.
WinUAE has emulate very well some particular hardware, supports unimplmented fpu instruction, soft fpu, so i think it's time to supports also RTG with 3D support to have complete hardware emulation.

You said right when you say that better play on PC for 3D Acceleration, but i would be nice play also on Amiga side right
for a complete retrogaming.
i can play at Wiepout 2097 with PC and instead i play on DOSBox with emulated 3dfx.

I don't know WinUAE source, i'm not a coder, but if you are alone to develop it, i understand that is a huge works to supports various hardware emulation.
i can help you only providing some source from other emulators

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