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That is much easier said than done..

Emulator code can be very difficult to understand if you aren't already familiar with them. For example emulator needs to emulate multiple chips sequentially (in worst case switching between chips cycle-by-cycle) that in real world run simultaneously and still be fast. It can make code really weird and ugly..

Anyway, you still didn't say why S3 based display cards are needed? They have usual low VRAM limit, "low" resolutions -> not very useful as RTG boards. Only useful feature is to be able to run some programs (is there even any?) that directly access the hardware.

Also does existing emulation implement chip's blitter fully? Picasso96/CGFX drivers use chip's blitter heavily, more heavily than some original Windows 95 drivers! (Original QEMU Cirrus Logic blitter emulation had lots of bugs that only triggered in Amiga RTG modes.)

Something like HD controller does not need to make any sense because adding one is few hours of work.
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