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oh, there should be a screen shot in my original post (there is on my screen ). I'll use links instead of embedding:

Here are my settings I use for development:

What I see when using the display settings in the above config:

The space occupied by bitplanes (the borders and twister) is 352x272 low-res pixels (scaled up to twice the size in winuae), but I can also see colour 0 extending beyond this area until, I assume, it hits the hblank. The copperlist would contain something like this:

cmove (32<<8)|113,diwstrt
cmove (48<<8)|209,diwstop
cmove 48,ddfstrt
cmove 216,ddfstop

Being able to see that area around the bitplanes is super useful when developing overscan effects like that twister (especially when mucking around with the smooth scrolling), but if I try to make WinUAE's window any bigger so it's not super tiny on a high dpi display, it rescales the image and crops off much of the overscan area.

For example, here's the same scene with the window resized a little:

What I'm wanting to do is double up the window size again (making the pixels scale up x4 instead of x2) and still see all the overscan and blanking areas, but I can't find any combinations and sizes and other settings that will achieve this.

If it's not possible to get it doing what I want I can carry on squinting, but thought it worth asking as I'm going to be stuck with just my laptop for the summer.
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