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Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
to be honest I sometimes think people waiting for A1200 support do not fully understand the concept of the project. It is basically building up a standardized new 68k platform with identical environment with only differences in speed (different FPGA) and perhaps available RAM. The important features like RTG over HDMI or SAGA and OS options 3.1 and AROS will be identical. The Amiga hardware is only used for keyboard and interfaces, the original chipset is replaced with integrated SAGA. Finally there will be no difference if you run software on A500, A600 or A1200 or whatever hardware with vampire or if you use the standalone device(s).
As long as we can choose to use the original chipset instead of SAGA, it'll be fine.
The most important thing here (for me, at least) is the CPU implementation.
Everything else is just bonus

Personally, I dont care about HDMI except for Workbench use. Games & demos look best on CRT, which is how I view them.
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