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Just prior to the CBM collapse (which was the ultimate killer),you have to remember that the Amiga gaming market was between a rock & a hard place. Several of the larger famous developers like Graftgold,Sensible,Bullfrog,Bitmaps etc. were growing & (in order to survive),spread their development wings into the console market with some ports of their previous Amiga hits.

The biggest complaint I well remember in letters to The One etc., all were,"why can't we get Sonic on the Amiga" etc. With increasing concerns about the Amiga's future,it was only natural that as developers/publishers scaled back on Amiga stuff that they looked for titles that'd be quick,easy to convert within a 6-8month timeframe & which already had proven popular on SNES/Megadrive,(eg:Cool Spot, Lost Vikings,Addams Family,Alladin etc. to name a few).
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