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Viewing overscan area and beyond

I use winuae for rapid testing of my code (I developop on pc, then deploy to winuae or my a500) and it's handy being able to see the entire display, including the overscan area and beyond.

(notice the amount of space around the border, and the black at the sides)

I achieved this by using the following settings:

Windowed: 768 x 576
Line Mode: Double
Resolution: Hires (normal)

This works great on a 1080p monitor, but my laptop has a 2880x1800 display and the window looks super tiny. I've tried using a larger window, but I just can't find a combination of settings that doesn't result half the overscan area being cropped away.

I've tried this with version 3.4 and many of versions going back to whatever build I had in 2012 when I first got this working.

Can anyone help with some magic numbers to get a similar view in a window that's at least double the size, or maybe put me out of my misery by telling why it's not possible.

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