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Originally Posted by Seiya View Post
FPGA on Amiga should be used only to increment power and not to transform it in a PC compatibile (SAGA, Pamela and AMMX are not real good things in an Amiga).
In the future Amiga will be remembered like a PC clone..

Apollo Team are too ambitious
-I Really like AMMX on my Amiga, finally i can watch a video on decent FPS and a resolution that is actually not hurting my eyes.
-Pamela i also will like, it will be an extended Paula.
-SAGA i really like, finally i can run workbench in a nice 720P res on my A600, do mind that the RTG is only a part of SAGA.

If you are looking for an Amiga PC clone go OS4 hardware, there's your PC clone right there.
Not that i dislike the OS4 hardware, it's just not my thing.

I cannot see how these new features could be bad ?
If i read between the lines you do not want any progress at all and be stuck in 1992 forever ?!
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