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I would guess most of us do not have just one Amiga computer, but more. Personally I still stick with my A4000T/060/PPC/RTG/AHI soundcard/Deneb. Just like Predseda I also have some spare Amigas which I want to use with new HW projects like Vampire, Terrible Fire, Wicher etc...

I am so happy there are new things around Amiga and because I am not a programmer or developer the only how I can help to these project is to support them by buying the nice new stuff and do testing and reporting.

Yes somebody can say with Vampire inside Amiga the Amiga itself will become just a "shell with keyboard" because Vampire will replace 68k by FPGA with Apollo Core, OCS/ECS/AGA by SAGA, Paula by Pamela, add a lot of RAM, ethernet and USB modules are in plan as well... And I say I want exactly that, so keep it up Apollo guys ;o)
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