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Originally posted by khephren
[B]Well why the fuck would I want to load Deluxe Paint for a sodding drawing when Photoshop does it all any way, and then some.
This sums it up, crudely but effectively!

I've drawn stuff in Photoshop that I'd have no hope of achieving in something as antiquiated as DPaint. I loved it back in the good old days, but it just doesn't compare with Photoshop. You might say that Photoshop helps me to compensate for the fact that I have no artistic ability whatsoever. So what it could do for a real artist... it beggars belief.

As for Paint Shop Pro... I use it for browsing thumbnails and basic conversion, but I'd rather have my fingers crushed beneath a falling anvil than draw in it. But then again, I have been using Photoshop for a long time now.
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